• High Definition and Low Consumption Several unique decoding and picture optimization technology, play smoothly and image quality is much better than other players. It's our mission to maximize player's efficiency...
  • Simple and easy using Ornate User Experience Design. More than 150 special functions, completely invisible but play important roles.
  • Ultimate small The smallest and the most delicate player. The full installation only requires 4M and no more extra decoding package required. The newest format can be accessed. The CPU and memory allocation is low during playing.
  • Intelligent Subtitles Downloading subtitles is not necessary. Player can download the best English subtitles intelligently.
  • Exquisite Beauty Create the whole set of interface cooperated with Designer Raven from Milan,
High Definition
1. Unique ShaderEngineTMpicture optimization engine, 4-speed drive, low noise and better picture quality.
2. Unique LiveColorTMColor enhancement algorithm, the picture is more colourful.
3. Unique SmartAmplifyTMintelligent sound field balance technology, more compelling sound effect.
Low consumption
1. Unique FastMotionTMdecoding optimization technology, lower CPU and memory allocation.
2. Unique PowerTravelTMTravel power-save mode, lower power consumption and longer battery life of notebook.
3. Unique EyeCareTMeye care mode, protect your eyesight and health is the most important thing.
1. Unique Anti-SillyTMintelligent configuration-free, hundreds of logic circuit and select the best mode automatically according to hardware configuration.
2. Unique CloudMatchingTMintelligent subtitles display technology, it no longer requires to find matched subtitles for foreign film.
Exquisite Beauty
1. After accepting opinions from several professional users, interface becomes simple and fashion, full functions are involved but normal user can also use. Function is selectable.

Compared with similar products

  GoPlayer StormCodec RealPlayer KMPlayer
Size of installation package 4.2M 28.9M 13-16M 13M
Download matched subtitles intelligently
Full-format play
GPU optimising Support Unsupported Unsupported Support
Speed of accessing software Quick Normal Slow Quick
CPU occupation Low Low High Normal
memory allocation after boot up Low Normal Normal High
memory allocated Low Normal Normal Normal
Easy degree Easy to use Normal Easy to use Difficult to use